We ensure that design evokes an optimum experience and enhances commercial viability.

Sveriges Kommunikatörer
– Utveckling i rörelse

Together with Sveriges Kommunikatörer we have developed a new design concept where form and function are integrated.

Our visual idea is based on a light, lively and inspiring expression.

The logo is based on fundamental shapes that create interesting new spaces for communication and high recognition. The typography has an airy feel. The colors are vibrant, inspiring and give a grounded and organic feel.

Client: Sveriges Kommunikatörer

Creation of brand identity

We and Lantmännen Cerealia loves pizza!

For the launch of Nordmills’ "Premium Pizza Flour TIPO 00" for wood-fired and stone ovens in the foodservice market, we have worked on strategic & conceptualization, naming, design strategy, concept & visualization, packaging design & motion design from scratch.

Client: Lantmännen Cerealia "Nordmills"

Some of our realization work

The re-design journey of an iconic bottle has just begun.

In Absolut Vodka’s biggest design update since 1979, Destrito has contributed with technical advisory and competence in realization.

Client: The Absolut Company | Design: Brand Union
Some of our realization work

We are a design agency specializing in design advisory and realization.

From start to finish we applied our expertise in realization in these projects.

Client: The Absolut Company | Design: Tomorrowland
Client: The Absolut Company | Design: Brand Union
Client: Kahlúa | Design: Frans Enmark
Client: Malibu | Design: Frans Enmark
Some of our realization work

We design solutions that are intelligent and relevant in every detail and for every touchpoint.

Creation of distinct and recognizable brand identities applied across all relevant touch points for commercial success.

Client: Healness & Co
Client: Larsson Estate Barcelona

Creation of brand identity

We ensure an envisioned design is developed in an efficient and productive way to achieve its full potential.

Design advisory and realization work for Absolut Soda and Absolut Cocktail.

Client: The Absolut Company | Design: Brand Union
Vodka Soda

We create unique concepts and bring them to life through amazing experiences.

Visual identity and conceptualization for the exhibition ”Look at the rugs - Find me”.

Client: Swedish Royal Court
Märta Måås

We provide innovation services for new packaging solutions.

We explore what the next generation of packaging solutions has to offer, generating brand and commercial values that meet consumers’ ever-changing needs, that advance sustainability and that can be scaled up for industrial production.

Client: Confidential

Destrito innovation

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